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Write For Us: Guest Authors Wanted

Write For Us: Guest Writing for Aged Care Prepare

Write for us! We accept guest articles, and we welcome experts in their field to contribute high-quality guest posts to Aged Care Prepare.
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Rules to Follow if You Want to Write an Article For Us:


Please submit your content idea before you write the actual article. Your content ideas are to be submitted to info@agedcareprepare.com.au.

Original Article:

We only publish original articles. If your article has been published elsewhere, including your own website, we won’t publish it.

Content Quality:

Content must be high quality with no punctuation errors or grammatical errors.

Topics To Choose From:

We accept content that’s relevant to the categories which you can see in the menu bar of Aged Care Prepare’s website.

Recommended Article Length:

1000 – 2500 words.


We prefer it if you use headings, subheadings, and images to structure your writing.


Include facts, research, & sources to support your insights, information and arguments with external links.

Internal Linking:

Link to Aged Care Prepare’s posts and pages if and where appropriate.

Unique From Other Articles:

Your post should be original and different from other posts featured on Aged Care Prepare.


Aged Care Prepare encourages guest authors to include images or videos as part of their submissions. Furthermore, guest writers are responsible for obtaining permission to use images/videos and/or any other material from outside sources.

In addition, images or videos used in the article should be high quality and come with source citations, proof of permission, and credits to the source.

Short Paragraphs:

Use short paragraphs and limit sentence length to 20 words per sentence if possible.

Editing Articles:

We reserve the right to edit the content that you submit to correct errors or make the content more readable. Although, review and approval of edits will be sought prior to publication.

No Press Releases:

Don’t send press releases or sales pitches. Also, no fake product reviews, advertorials, and alike.


Please email us at info@agedcareprepare.com.au.

Author Bio:

Finally, article drafts that are ready for review need to be accompanied by a short author bio (40 to 50 words). In addition, include a link to your website, as well as the URL of the website.

This article was last updated on 7th May 2024.

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