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Tips to Getting Pharmacy Discounts on Medications

As you get older, the need for regular medications often increases. Although the government subsidises many medications to make them more affordable, medications can still be really costly for many people. But rest assured that there are ways to get discounts on pharmacy products and/or save money. This includes shopping at discount pharmacies and having a medication review.

The Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme

There’s a government subsidy for several medications in Australia under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS). Concession holders receive greater subsidies than everyone else, and the savings are remarkable for some medications.

Furthermore, if you or your family take a large amount of prescription medications, you’ll pay a reduced price once you reach a set spending limit for the calendar year. These are called safety net benefits. For further information take a look at the Australian Government’s Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.

Avoiding Brand Names to Save Money

Brand names versus generic named medicines is confusing for many people. Many people don’t understand that the active ingredients in generic brands are the same as the big brand names. With this in mind, there can be huge savings if you choose the generic brand of medications. If you’re unsure, speak with your pharmacist at the time of getting your prescriptions filled.

Speak With Your Pharmacist Regarding Your Medication Costs

Speak with your pharmacist regarding how you can cut costs and get pharmacy discounts. There’s sometimes a less expensive medication available that will achieve the same results. Pharmacists are also able to conduct a medication review and make recommendations to your General Practitioner.  A medication review might save you money in the case that you’re taking a medication that you no longer need.

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Shop Around

Remember that pharmacy stores are retail stores. They’re often competing with medication and health care product prices. And sometimes they have sale items too. By shopping around, you could make substantial savings on medications and healthcare products. And also take into consideration that buying products in bulk can be a lot cheaper in the long run. Especially if it’s a medication that you take regularly. Chemist Direct has some great savings.

Order Online

Many Australian based pharmacies have online stores now too. These online stores can take a little longer on delivery times, but if you plan ahead the savings are often worth the wait. And they often have some great promotions on certain products.

For seniors who find it difficult to get to the pharmacy due to transport or mobility issues, online ordering can overcome this hurdle. Alternatively, as a guide to aged care, you may be eligible for a home care package. Once you’re receiving a home care package, you can opt to have transport to and from the doctor and pharmacist through your home care package funds.

Finally, if you subscribe to certain discount pharmacies you’ll have access to promotions, discounts and exclusive deals. With greatly discounted healthcare products and secure online payments, Australian based online pharmacies may be one of the greatest ways to save on your medications now and into the future.

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