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Staff at Aged Care Facilities Test Positive to COVID-19

Aged care facilities in all Australian states have recorded infections of COVID-19.

Community transmission of COVID-19 is upon us in Australia. Many aged care homes have put their own measures into place to reduce their residents’ exposure. Such measures include restricting the number of visitors to aged care facilities. Although the Commonwealth Government has provided guidance on who should avoid entering an aged care facility, states and territories have also implemented additional guidelines.

Some aged care providers have also taken it onboard to ask all family and friends to stay away from the facilities in order to protect their vulnerable, older residents. Restricting family and friends from entering aged care facilities to visit loved ones is proving difficult for many people, especially those people that provide additional care for their loved ones who live there.

This doesn’t mean that restricting visitors will 100% guarantee that the highly contagious COVID-19 won’t infect vulnerable aged care residents. Aged care providers can screen their staff and other essential visitors such as food delivery drivers and allied health workers, but screening resources are limited.

While providers can monitor temperatures of staff and check for obvious symptoms, the research that’s currently coming out states that a large proportion of the general public infected with coronavirus are asymptomatic. With this in mind, there are some aged care facilities that have staff that have now tested positive to COVID-19, with contact tracing underway.

For more information, you can read the full article here: Staff test positive for COVID-19 at Bupa, Anglican Care, Cranbrook Care, Alexander Aged Care and Scalabrini aged care homes

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