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Retirement! The best years of our Lives!

When you think about retirement, many thoughts come to mind. You’ll think about your healthcare needs, and your social needs. And, you’ll contemplate how to keep yourself busy. But, what have you considered as a “must do” during retirement?

We’ve asked the question, and the overwhelming responses have revolved around leisure. That includes travelling, taking up sports and other activities that you’ve always thought about doing. Here’s some great suggestions to get you prepared:

Great Barrier Reef

Travel in the Retirement Years

The greatest response to enjoying your retirement years has been travel. Whether it’s taking short vacations throughout Australia, or planning a holiday abroad, travel is definitely an activity that many retirees dream of doing.

Buy That Big Adventure Toy

Is it time to finally by that boat that you’ve always wanted? Or that luxury caravan that you’ve dreamed of having, to travel in comfort around Australia. Now could be the perfect time. Plan your own itinerary, and answer to no one. Just pack up and take off whenever you want to, to wherever you want to go!


Join a Club

Many people that retire think about joining a club. Some of the clubs that have been suggested include Rotary, The Men’s Shed, or club memberships with your favourite sporting team. Many local councils also have an over 55’s/ retirement group, offering a range of outings.

For the more active, clubs revolving around sports have been suggested by many retirees. These include cycling clubs, bowls clubs, walking groups or swimming clubs for seniors.

There are also some reputable travel clubs for those who are seeking travel ideas and an avenue to form friendships with people who share similar interests.

lawn bowls

Stimulate Your Mind, Body & Spirit

Finding ways to stay social and keep physically active is important. However, keeping our minds mentally active is of equal importance. Reading books is the obvious one. But if you’re not much of a reader, the abundance of streaming channels offers an array of intellectually stimulating content in the form of documentaries. Another idea is listening to podcasts if you’re not wanting to hold a book for hours on end.

Looking after your spiritual wellbeing is a must, especially in the retirement years. Participating in yoga classes, meditating, or reading wellness books are some ideas. Going on picnics, feeling the sand between your toes while walking on the beach, or reading a book in the sunshine are all great suggestions.

grandparents with baby

Time With the Family

Finally, if you’ve been super busy for many years, the idea of free time to spend with your loved ones can be appealing. You might be able to help out with your grandchildren, and get to attend that special concert or eisteddfod that you’ve always wanted to go to, to enjoy their achievements with them. Meeting your children for lunch in the city, or taking them away for a fun weekend would appeal to some of you as well.

However it is that you choose to spend your retirement years, it’s the overwhelming consensus that you need to take care of yourself, and enjoy your retirement years, doing what you love to do.

For further guidance you support through your retirement journey, take a look at Retirement Now.

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