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Respite Care in Australia and Support for Carers

There Are Many Australians Providing Unpaid Care and Support to Loved Ones on a Regular, or Even a Daily Basis

It’s true that carers are a very necessary part of Australia’s health care system. Their health and well-being also needs consideration, in order for them to continue in their caring roles. Respite care in Australia has great options to give carers the time that they need.

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Where Can a Carer Get Help and Support?

Carer Gateway: Free call: 1800 422 737

Care Gateway is an online and phone service that offers information and resources for carers. It’s intended to help you to find and access the right advice, services and support that you need as a carer.

Government Payments for Carers

If you’re experiencing financial hardship or difficulties as a result of caring for a family member or a friend, then you may be eligible for government financial support.

Notably, the types of financial assistance that you may be eligible for includes the following:

Carer Payment

Financial support for those who’re unable to work as a result of caring for someone.

Carer Allowance

An income supplement for those who provide daily care for a family member or friend regardless of whether they work or study.

Carer Supplement

A lump sum payment which to assist with the costs associated with caring for a loved one.

Time for yourself

Carers need time for themselves too, and although fatigue is of real concern and you feel like you don’t have time, it’s important to look after yourself.

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Respite Care

  • Respite care means the provision of care for your loved one so that you, the carer can take time to get activities done that you might not otherwise be able to do. Its arranged to give you much needed time out for yourself.
  • The provision of respite care in Australia on an informal basis offered by friends or other family members could be an option. Otherwise, the provision of respite through certain organisations for in-home care is possible. Furthermore, centre based respite care is also available through certain organisations.

How Much Will Respite Care in Australia Cost Me?

Respite care costs in Australia will significantly vary depending on the type of care and the fees set by the organisation that provides the care.

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It’s an option to include respite care into a home care package. If you or your loved one are in receipt of a home care package, you can discuss the option of respite care with the home care package service provider’s case manager.

In contrast, you might be eligible for respite care through the Commonwealth Home Support Programme. For more information, call My Aged Care on 1800 200 422.

If you’ve had an assessment from the aged care assessment team and your letter of approval states that you’re eligible for residential respite care, then you can search for a service provider at myagedcare.gov.au.

The costs involved with receiving residential respite care vary. Discuss these costs with the aged care home that you choose. Costs will include a basic daily fee, and possibly a booking fee.

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