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New Year’s Resolutions for Seniors

New Year’s Resolutions for Seniors

We’re already a month into 2019. While it may feel too late for New Year’s resolutions, February is still a great time to consider how you’d like to take on the new year. Resolutions need not be the typical goals we’ve all come to know, and often despise; such as losing weight and eating better. It’s an age old tradition to set goals at the beginning of a new year. Although this feels tired, it’s in fact the perfect opportunity to take a different spin on the idea and reflect on what you could do in 2019 that makes the year worth remembering. Here are a few different resolutions to consider.

Pick Up an Old Hobby

When was the last time you occupied yourself with a task that was purely for your enjoyment or relaxation? Whether you have full or partial mobility, consider taking up a hobby that you have perhaps long forgotten. A hobby that gives you the chance to do something that doesn’t require too much effort. Let’s not think too big here, your retirement years are for you to take it easy, and enjoy the peace and quiet that comes with settling into your golden years. It doesn’t matter what you choose to do. It could be a daily knitting session. Or you might prefer a weekly game of chess. Some people just enjoy fiddling about with a blank canvas and some water colours. Or, you could pick up an enjoyable activity that doesn’t require perfection, but rather allows you to free your mind of any stresses.

Challenge Your Brain

It’s no secret that our brain slows down as we age. That’s why exercising the brain is an essential part of our golden years. Whether you find yourself forgetting small snippets of information or not, committing to spending some time challenging your brain every week is essential. Don’t consider this a chore, challenging your brain can be a fun activity, no matter your age. From daily Sudoku puzzles, or word searches to a weekly game of bridge, you can keep your brain well functioning for as long as you possibly can and have fun by yourself or with friends at the same time.

Get More Familiar With Technology

You may be or perhaps are soon to be utilizing the support of aged care support services, and have lost your ability to walk or drive, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stop learning. Technology has come a long way to make our lives easier. We now have FaceTime and Skype helping us to keep in touch with friends and family. Plus, Microsoft Office helps us exchange information safely and securely, to the world wide web and all the knowledge it has to offer. Whether you enlist the help of a family member or decide to enrol in a short course, you can learn something new as well as valuable.

wool and knitting needles

Commit More to Giving

Did you find you had some spare time last year? Did you often feel there was more you could do to be a little more constructive with your days? Volunteering is the perfect way to fill up some extra time and give back to a community that could benefit from your help. Giving of your time is also known to have health benefits, and apart from keeping you socially active, builds confidence and encourages a sense of purpose. You can use your free time to benefit others. And, at the same time alleviate any stress or anxiety you may be feeling. If you are unable to give of your time due to any physical hindrances, then actions that don’t require your physical presence are just as valuable. Whether it is knitting clothes for those in need. Or walking the less boisterous dogs at your local animal shelter. You can donate your time for the wellbeing of others and yourself.

While there are probably a long list of positive resolutions you can make for 2019, these are a few simple yet effective ways to challenge yourself for the year to come. Make this year one to cherish. And, consider these goals to add a new spin to your daily, or weekly routine.

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