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Life After Moving into Residential Aged Care

Moving Into Residential Aged Care Doesn’t Have to Be the End of the World.

At some point, moving into residential aged care could be the best option for you or your family member, but actually talking about it’s overwhelming.

Having a discussion with your loved one as soon as possible is so important so that future wishes & goals are clearly understood. This conversation can happen at any time. Preparation and planning are key.

Even if you’re not thinking about moving into residential aged care in the near future, it’s still a good idea to get an idea of what’s available before you might need to move into a care facility. Make a list of what’s important for you now and think about your future needs too.

Although living in an aged care facility will be very different for you, it’s possible to enjoy your experiences and have enhanced quality of life. Choosing a home that’s right for you’ll aid in improving your experiences.

Make Yourself at Home

Many people haven’t experienced any form of communal living prior to moving into the aged care home. But remember, your room/ unit is your space and you can bring your personal belongings with you. Double check with the aged care facilities prior to making a decision as to which personal belongings you’re able to keep with you. Think about those belongings that are important to you, such as wall hangings, photographs, and furniture to name a few. If you are unable to take certain items with you, consider donating them or even the various avenues of selling less sentimental household items.

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Bring your Pets With You

You don’t always have to say goodbye to your pets when the time comes to move into a nursing home. If you’re planning on bringing your beloved pet with you, it’s so important to find out which facilities offer this, prior to entering into an agreement.

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Can I Live With My Partner When I Move?

The quick answer is yes, but not all facilities have double rooms. Some residential aged care facilities only have single rooms, although some have adjoining rooms, separate units, and/ or double rooms. Something to consider is whether you’ll stay together. For example, sometimes people are moved to a dementia unit and their partners are unable to go with them. Find all of these little details beforehand.

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Enjoying Family Time

Moving close by to your family is ideal, and making sure that your family can come and enjoy time with you (with flexibility) is important as well. Don’t forget that health permitting, you can come and go as you please too. A nursing home isn’t a prison and you still have the same human rights that you had prior to moving.

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I Don’t Want to Stare At 4 Walls!

You don’t have to stare at 4 walls and count the days away. Many aged care homes offer a multitude of activities. When you do your research to find a nursing home, really take the time to find out what they have on offer. Consider outings, exercise, religious and cultural activities, and other activities on offer at the home.

Remember it’s your choice to spend time how you choose to, so really look at whether the aged care home is a good fit for you.

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