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Secret Hidden Cameras in Aged Care Homes

Surveillance Devices Becoming More Common in Aged Care Facilities

With the revelations made at the Royal Commission following evidence given on the issue of Aged Care Quality & Safety, there was a noted increase in the request for the installation of surveillance devices at aged care facilities. At the hearing, a family spoke of installing hidden cameras and provided proof of abuse at the hands of staff. The Aged Care Provider contested the installation, because the installation occurred without permission fro the aged care facility.

surveillance camera hidden in plant

When it comes to installing hidden cameras, there are many legal hoops and permissions to jump through. Thus, careful consideration and planning must be given with the use of such tools.

Read the full article for more information: https://www.hospitalhealth.com.au/content/aged-allied-health/article/a-watching-brief-the-use-of-surveillance-devices-in-residential-aged-care-facilities

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