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Questions To Ask A Service Provider

We’ve listed some questions that you might like to use as a guide to ask a service provider about their services, care and support that they deliver.

What type of care do you offer (residential care, home care, etc?)
Do you provide your own nursing and support staff?
Can I choose what time care workers, support workers, and nursing staff come to my home?
Can I change times that workers come to the home if I have a scheduled appointment?
Will there be consistency with which workers come to my home?
Can I request a certain worker?
What can I do if I am unhappy with a service or a particular support worker?
How do I know if the worker is from your organisation? Will they have a name tag?
If the workers change, how do the new workers know what needs to be done regarding the care and services that I receive? (Do they write notes about the care and services that they deliver for the next person to read?)
How will my privacy be ensured?
Can you provide me with a list of services that you offer?
Can you provide me with a list of costs/ charges for services that you offer?
Do you deduct any fees from my home care package including a case management and administration fee? If so, how much will this be?
Will there be an exit fee if I want to change providers and if so, how much will this be?
Do I have to pay a basic daily fee or an income tested care fee? If so, how do I know how much I need to pay?
What happens if I disagree with the amounts that I have been charged for services?
Will the service provider give you adequate time to read and seek legal advice regarding the home care agreement?
Can I have a support person with me when meeting with a home care manager? Is there support available if I don’t have anybody available?
Can I get extra support if my needs change?
How often will my care plan be reviewed?
Can I ask for my care plan to be reviewed sooner if my care needs change? And will I be charged additional costs for a review of my care plan?
What happens if I don’t need care or services for a period of time, for example, if I am in hospital?