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Dementia Risk Reduction

Some People Believe that Dementia is a Natural Part of Ageing

However it’s actually a progressive disease that affects both younger and older people.

Many Australians live with Dementia and with no cure, it’s never to early to look at dementia risk reduction. Dementia has both high morbidity and mortality rates in Australia.

There are certainly some steps that you can take to reduce the risk factors for dementia.

Can I Reduce the Risk Factors for Dementia?

Over 400,000 Australians live with Dementia. Researchers continually learn about dementia, and there’s still no known cure for dementia. It’s widely thought that early intervention may help to manage symptoms.

Notably, there are some risk factors associated with dementia that are impossible to change such as genetics and ageing.

Experts do however believe that by adopting healthy behaviours that apply to your overall health, there’ll be a reduction in the risks of developing some forms of dementia.

Living Healthy

These preventative health measures that you can take for dementia risk reduction, focus on staying physically healthy and looking after your heart health.

Researchers believe that looking after your heart health from early on in life can show a reduction in the risk of developing certain forms of dementia such as Alzheimer’s in later years. So what’s th

is involve?

Heart Health

blood pressure monitor

The American Heart Association (AHA) designed Life’s Simple 7® with the aim of improving overall

health by implementing 7 changes.

Although the steps focus on overall health, heart health is a major focus.  It’s believed that there’s an association between looking after our hearts from early on in life and dementia risk reduction as we age.

The 7 steps included in the AHA’s Life’s Simple 7® can be found at heart.org/MyLifeCheck.

Dementia Risk Reduction: Adopting Healthy Behaviours

Healthy Weight:

Firstly, maintaining a healthy weight reduces the risk of morbidities such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Check your Blood Pressure:

Also, by maintaining a healthy blood pressure your overall health with benefit. Have you had your blood pressure checked lately?

If your blood pressure is high, you can make some lifestyle changes. You might also require additional interventions, so be sure to visit your G.P.

Manage your Cholesterol:

Furthermore, keeping a check on your cholesterol and ensuring that you’re receiving medical treatment if required.

Healthy Lifestyle and Regular Exercise:

Importantly, adopting healthy habits such as eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly and giving up smoking can all reduce the risks of cardiovascular disease.

Check for Diabetes:

Having a diabetes test and check-up is important throughout our lives. If you’ve got diabetes, managing your diabetes will help with overall health.

Maintain Healthy Eating Habits:

Last but not least, reducing your alcohol intake, your sodium intake and saturated fats will aid in having a healthy heart too.

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Signs and Symptoms

If you’ve any concerns regarding your memory, changes in your behaviour or in your thinking, it’s important to arrange a check-up with your doctor as soon as possible.

For further information regarding signs and symptoms of Dementia, you can read our article: Dementia Care Future Planning.

Getting Help and Support

“Dementia Australia” advocate for people living with dementia, supporting their families and providing education. For more information regarding dementia risk reduction, you can contact the National Dementia Helpline on 1800 100 500.

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