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Creative Arts Helping People with Dementia

Creative arts helping people with dementia

With approximately 50 million people living with dementia in the world, the spotlight is on non-pharmacological interventions. These non-pharmacological interventions are for people receiving in home health care and also those receiving care in aged care homes.

Quality of life for people with dementia can be improved through many other avenues including recreational and creative activities. Such activities help with socialising, memory, self-esteem, and much more.

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Programs Helping People With Dementia

There are many programs in place offering such experiences both in the community and in care. For example, The National Gallery of Australia (NGA) is currently offering the Art and Dementia program, allowing social interaction through participation, and mental stimulation, as people tour the gallery. Many aged care facilities offer arts, crafts, singing, and dancing activities too.

There are many scholarly articles available, supporting the claim that people with dementia can thrive and demonstrate their creativity in ways that carers and family never thought were achievable, through the implementation of creative arts.

Engaging in Activities For People With Dementia

So, how do you get people engaged in activities that have dementia? Here are some activity suggestions for you:

  • Attend interactive cooking classes either at the aged care home or alternatively search for a cooking class in your area. Simple cooking such as baking cookies or mixing a salad are good ideas.
  • Get busy painting, whether it’s in a class structure or not. Setting up everything first such as easels, and having some suggestions ready to go is helpful.
  • Consider joining a knitting or crocheting class. Many people still enjoy these pastimes.
  • Attend the local library or art gallery (if you’re unable to attend the library, maybe there’s a local program whereby they can come to you).
  • Go to your local RSL or bowls club for some social time when they have music playing. This is a great opportunity for a dance or singalong. Alternatively enjoying some singalong time at your aged care home can be equally as enjoyable.
  • Getting creative in the garden can be wonderful. There are many green thumbs out there, and gardening may spark some great memories for people, especially those who love planting seasonal flowers and vegetables.
  • Scrapbooking can be enjoyable too. If you don’t want to scrapbook, just flicking through old photographs and letters can be interesting, emotive, and thought-provoking.

Remembering and Reminiscing

All of these activities help our loved ones to reminisce. The importance of reminiscing for the elderly can never be underestimated, creating moments in time that spark memories. Searching for in-home care and aged care homes that offer such stimulating and interactive activities can be challenging and time-consuming.

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