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Benefits of Ageing in Place for Australians

Many Australians have a desire to age in place.

The benefits of ageing in place for Australians are extensive. Some people choose to stay in their family home, and others choose to relocate, settling somewhere else.

Quality of life for older Australians

The concept of ageing in place for Australians, is to make sure that as people get older there’s the choice to get the care and support that they need for as long as possible. Nonetheless, the goal of ageing in place is to maintain or improve quality of life.

Ageing in place for Australians:  Staying in the family home

With an increase in home care services, older Australians have the option of staying in their own homes and receiving the support and care that they need until the end of their lives.

With an increasing ageing population, it’s clear that a portion of the ageing population will have complex care needs at some stage. But this no longer means that Australians can’t age in place.

Ageing in place is now possible with innovative technologies, and thoughtful home renovations. Additionally, in home care is on the rise. It’s possible for many people to remain in their homes and receive everything that they require to meet their needs. Initially, many people have much independence when they first seek support. At first, their needs might be basic (the house to cleaned or the gardens done from time to time).

But we know that as people age, their care needs often change. As ageing Australians’ needs increase, the concept of ageing in place means that people can have any care services or support that they require over time, as their needs become more complex. In essence, ageing in place becomes a feasible, safe option for the future.

Ageing in Place: Home Care Packages

At present, under a home care package, ageing Australians have many choices in services that they can access at home to support them, and meet their care needs and goals. It’s possible to have home modifications. Additionally, transport services & social support are an option. Health professionals can visit the home, and carers can support people with their activities of daily living and personal hygiene. People can have assistance with meal preparation, and/ or assistance with nutrition. Furthermore, medications assistance and/ or administration by a nurse can occur.

If you’re wanting to know more, you can go to Aged Care Prepare to view the many options available, with the benefits of ageing in place for Australians. To find out more about home care packages, contact My Aged Care.

Ageing in place: Relocating

If staying in the family home isn’t an option for you, there are several accommodation providers offering ageing in place nowadays. As a result, often people choose to sell the family home, and downsize into retirement living. Several retirement villages offer independent living, and assisted living, as well as high level residential aged care.

With considerate advances by the accommodation providers, particularly involving high care, ageing in place for Australians will become an increasingly feasible option.

Issues Affecting Ageing in Place Successfully

The majority of ageing Australians choose to remain in their homes. Considering that many houses aren’t suitable in their current state for the changing needs of older people, they often choose to relocate.

Some of the barriers to staying in the family home:

  • Changes to physical needs
  • Layout of the home including bathroom designs, toilets, etc.
  • Social isolation
  • Concerns for own safety
  • Wanting to be close to shops, doctors, hospitals, family, etc.

However, for some people there’s benefits in relocating into housing that caters for the needs of older people. But currently, there are significant limitations in choices.

older woman and younger woman staring at each other

According to the Productivity commission, there’s a limited choice of appropriate housing for ageing Australians. For the majority of Australians, continuing to remain at home is the most popular option. There are many services available to support ageing Australians to stay in the home.

Moreover, ageing in place for Australians may cause confusion, and the outcomes aren’t always as efficient as hoped for. Knowing what services are available, and understanding the application and assessment processes, presents challenges to say the least.

Aged Care Prepare aims to provide a straight forward explanation regarding aged care options, and how to access available services. They’ll offer support and guidance throughout the process of exploring aged care options. If you’re considering the option of ageing in place, Aged Care Prepare will assist you to gather the information that you need to commence the process of ageing in place. They’ll guide you to access the services that you require.

For further information, contact Aged Care Prepare on (07) 3040 1313 or email info@agedcareprepare.com.au.


Source: Productivity Commission, Housing Decisions of Older Australians

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