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Beat the Boredom this Festive Season

With children taking over Christmas dinners and lunches, and all the planning required for a family filled Christmas period, seniors often take a backseat during this time. While cooking the classic turkey, baking the famous Christmas pudding, rustling up a number of side dishes or getting the tree up and sparkling might have once been your go-to festive time activities, age brings with it a reduction in these responsibilities. 

Whether you have children or not, the younger generations are bound to take over these tasks at some point, leaving you with a bit more time leading up to the festivities. Despite this, there’s no need to be left out of the holiday fun. Beat the boredom this festive season with our tips on how to do you part and get involved in the end of year cheer.

If you’re bound to a wheelchair, or unable to do strenuous activities, fear not. There are a number of things you can do from the comfort of your, or your children’s home to feel involved. One to consider would be adding your touch to the decorations. Whether it’s a Christmas wreath, making stockings for the mantelpiece, helping the little ones decorate the tree, or gift wrapping presents and writing greetings cards, there are a bunch of fun ways to be involved in getting the festive decor up and the holiday mood in the air without putting too much strain on yourself. This isn’t just a fun way to get more involved, but also the perfect bonding opportunity with you and the grandchildren.

Getting involved doesn’t always have to mean doing a bit of work though, getting involved can mean spending some quality time having some fun with siblings, children and even grandchildren. Baking might be a favourite past time. In that case, whip out your favourite biscuit recipe and get one or two keen family members into the kitchen to get the house smelling just like Christmas is around the corner. If you aren’t able to get actively involved, then reading out the recipe and just being in the room and in the moment creating those memories is all you need. If baking isn’t your thing, then bringing out a deck of cards or a puzzle whilst listening to some Christmas tunes can be just as fun.

If you’re a bit more active and getting out of the house or aged care facility isn’t too much of a problem, then gather family or friends for some outdoor activities. We’re lucky enough to live in a country where the end of year holiday period is a summer one and we can make the most of it. Rustle up the grandchildren for a walk on the beach, suggest some one-on-one time having lunch with your children or get them involved in a volunteering project to help out those in need. These activities not only help get you out of the house, but also increase your social activities if you seem to spend days where you don’t speak to anyone at all.

If you don’t live within close distance of your family, explore past hobbies or interests that you could take up again. Chances are there are social clubs or communities that facilitate these activities for seniors, particularly at this time of the year. Don’t take up anything too strenuous though, the festive time is about relaxing after all. For those avid readers, a book club is the perfect way to meet up with like-minded individuals to chat and discuss the book of the month. For the sowers or knitters out there, finding a charity or organisation looking to collect clothes is the perfect way to put your skills to good use. Whatever your interests, speak to your community around you to help you find a circle you’re bound to fit into.

So despite being a member of the older generation, the festive period doesn’t have to mean you take the backseat when it comes to the hustle and bustle of the season. From adding your touch to the decor, to getting the family involved in fun and relaxing activities that create lifelong memories, boredom need not be a word in your vocabulary during this time of the year.

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