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Best Places to Retire in Australia

Coolangatta, Queensland

Coolangatta’s situated at the bottom of the Gold Coast. It’s famed for its long, white sandy beaches. Not surprisingly, a popular spot for retirees, this quiet, relaxed spot’s also favoured by local surfers. Coolangatta has a warm climate. It’s easily accessible to the rest of the country via the airport and has a host of shopping and entertainment facilities. It also has a host of communities and clubs that cater to the interests of retirees.

Sunshine Coast, Queensland

The Sunshine Coast is a no-brainer when considering a place to retire in Australia. Armed with an all-year-round warm climate, beautiful beaches, and close proximity to the city of Brisbane. The option of living either inland or right on the shorefront, the Sunshine Coast is a favourable choice. Home to Queensland’s largest number of national parks, it’s less developed than its surrounds and has a number of affordable housing options to suit an array of budgets.

hunter valley orchards

Hunter Valley, NSW

The Hunter Valley’s renowned as one of Australia’s most important wine regions dating back to the 1800s. It’s a hub of activity, attractive to all ages, but particularly retirees. The Hunter Valley has a wealth of dining options, wine farms and golf courses to visit. It also has a host of outdoor family activities such as bush walks and zoo excursions. The region not only accommodates the older generation but also their children and grandchildren. Close to both Newcastle and Sydney, the area is accessible and entertaining.

Mornington Peninsula, Victoria

Made up of pockets of small coastal villages, Mornington Peninsula offers a perfect destination to retire in Australia.  With breathtaking views of wine farms, never-ending hills and their accompanying orchards, it’s spectacular. A mere 40 kilometres from the city of Melbourne, it offers both an outdoor lifestyle and easy access to the city. If you’re a foodie, a wine lover, or both, you’re sure to find a local market to satisfy all your indulgences and provide some much-needed social time.

Huon Valley, Tasmania

If you dream of retiring out in the bush with as much nature around you as possible, then Huon  Valley in Tasmania might be the perfect spot for you. Affordable properties, rarified air and an expanse of outdoors waiting to be walked through are just some of the reasons why more and more people are finding the area a great one to retire in. A short 20-minute drive into the town of Hobart will fill all your retail or medicinal needs, and you’ll get to experience a town of friendly locals who enjoy the simpler things in life. Another area known for its wine and seafood, residents are spoilt for choice when it comes to dining.

Why Choose These Locations?

While all of these areas offer social amenities and picturesque views, what makes them attractive for retirees is that they offer this alongside all the amenities that are required as we age. Each and every area has a variety of retirement housing on offer. Furthermore, they offer pharmacies, hospitals, clinics and local communities to provide social and emotional support. So, if you’re thinking of great places to retire in Australia, these areas are some of the top spots worthy of consideration in Australia.

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