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Australia’s Aged Care Sector Workforce

Workforce reforms in the aged care sector will see a significant increase in staffing numbers for the aged care workforce.

It’s widely noted that there are issues with retaining staff in the aged care sector. Notably, finding quality staff and attracting the right people for the position are equally as important as increasing staffing ratios.

Aged care workforce taskforce

More recently, the Honourable Ken Wyatt (Minister for Senior Australians and Aged Care), announced that the Aged Care Workforce Taskforce, developed strategies to tackle the issues surrounding the aged care workforce.

Notably, an important focus of the taskforce was to look at increasing and maintaining the workforce in the aged care sector.

Additionally, in total there were  14 strategies designed to give the industry the tools that they need to move into the future.

These strategies are set to improve quality of staff in the aged care workforce and aged care sector.

Retaining the Right Staff

There’s an ageing workforce in the aged care sector. There’s also increasing challenges surrounding the recruiting of the right staff for the position, and then retaining of those staff.

Older Australians value quality of care. It’s important to them that the nursing and care staff have the right skill set for their positions.

It also matters to ageing Australians that the staff caring for them demonstrate caring behaviours in their roles. Of additional importance is care staff displaying a desire to deliver high quality of care.

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Aged Care Reforms in Australia

The taskforce was in consultation with aged care staff, consumers of aged care services, and the aged care industry.

The taskforce set out to develop strategies that were sustainable and comprehensive in nature, in regards to the aged care workforce.

This announcement followed on from the announcement of the Royal Commission into aged care. It also followed the announcement of rolling out the single aged care quality framework.

Strategies for Australia’s Aged Care Workforce Welcomed

With the release of ‘A matter of care – a strategy for Australia’s aged care workforce’ the CEO of Leading Age Services Australia (LASA), welcomed the strategy.

He said that workforce development is of critical importance in the age services industry.

Changes to go ahead

With the aged care workforce set to grow significantly, these strategies will create some significant changes in the delivery and quality of care in the future. Also, they’ll bring about increased support to the aged care sector workforce.

The Productivity Commission projected that there will be approximately 3.5 million Australians receiving aged care by 2050.

This means that the growth of the aged care workforce is essential. Moreover, it needs to almost triple. This is in order to handle the increase in numbers of ageing Australians, who’ll need to engage in aged care services.

With a growing workforce, issues including quality of staff and staff retention become imperative.

The Minister for Senior Australians and Aged Care noted that in order for this to occur, the aged care sector must establish clear, professional career pathways for their growing workforce.

In summary, the strategies not only focus on changing how a career in aged care’s perceived. They also focus on changing views towards older Australians, and opinions regarding career choices in aged care.

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