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Aged Care Providers and the Federal Government Resolve Lockdown Battle

Reaching an Agreement to Allow Family Visits to Aged Care Homes During the Pandemic

With the most vulnerable and at risk of COVID-19, many aged care facilities have locked their doors to all visitors in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This lockdown includes shutting out family members of loved ones living in aged care homes.

The ongoing disagreement between aged care providers and the federal government regarding visitations during the pandemic appears to be in the process of settlement. The federal government’s finalising a code of conduct  for the aged care sector. The code will ensure mandatory visitations for family members that’ll include limitations the lengths of visits and the numbers of visitors per day.

With some large outbreaks of COVID-19 in aged care facilities including Anglicare’s Newmarch House in Western Sydney, the Prime Minister’s also stated that there’d be a ban on any staff who’d travelled overseas from entering their aged care workplace. He also said there’d be a ban on any staff who’d been in contact with  a case of coronavirus from entering aged care homes. It’s also now necessary for all staff working in aged care to have a current influenza vaccination as of May 1st.

The mental wellbeing of all residents is of utmost importance and must be taken into consideration. Ian Yates, the director of COTA stated that “Our view is there is no more risk in letting that person in – with all the hygiene and security processes – than there is in having their staff come in and out every day.” The great concern is that you can’t lock people away for months on end, and with no end in sight, the code of conduct will be welcomed.

Consultation with consumers and aged care providers  will now occur between May 1st to May 7th before the code of conduct is finalised.

For more information you can read the whole article here: Government and sector come together to settle lockdown dispute.

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