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Activity Suggestions for Residents in High Care

Focus on Residents’ Interests

Ensuring your loved one’s getting the interaction and stimulation that they deserve at their residential aged care home is important. In saying that, many people reach out for activity suggestions for their family members who’re in an aged care facility.

playing Chess

In making suggestions, one must keep in mind that residents often have co-morbidities that impact on activities.  For example, they might suffer from dementia, or have mobility restrictions.

Know Your Residents

For people offering aged care support services, get to know the people you’re organising aged care support services and activities for. Furthermore, get to know their history (work, family, etc…) likes, and dislikes. Next, centre the activities based on what you’ve learned about them. It’s so important to ensure that residents like what they’re doing. Consider intergenerational activities. They’re fabulous! Above all, be creative and have fun!

Craft Activities

  • Knitting or crocheting is a favourite past-time for many
  • Flower arranging gets the creative juices flowing
  • Furthermore, painting is great for expressing oneself
  • Otherwise, drawing or colouring if painting is too challenging
  • Finally, scrap booking or making picture boards, aiding in creativity and allowing one to reminisce.

Interacting Over Food

  • Baking & cooking if it’s safe to do so
  • Gardening club are also enjoyable, including the growing of herbs and vegetables that’s used for cooking
  • Why not offer cooking demonstrations followed by eating the meal that’s cooked
  • And, who doesn’t love a high tea?
  • Coffee and chat mornings are a great way to socialise
  • To get out and about, consider outings to a restaurant or coffee shop

Reading & Words

  • Newspaper readings
  • Word games
  • Reading aloud to a group
  • Looking at coffee table books. For example, Anne Geddes pictures of cute puppies, a cup cake book, or a book of roses.

The Sound of Music

  • Concerts
  • Music videos with subtitles
  • Music making
  • Dancing
  • Singing/ singalongs
  • Provide relaxing music in a quiet room with aromatherapy oils, doing a relaxation activity such as hand massages.

Getting out and About

  • walking groups
  • bus trips (e.g. to the beach/ for fish & chips/ to the markets)
  • Consider visiting animals (e.g. a zoo or animal farm/ RSPCA)
  • Going out for lunch/ coffee

Playing Games

  • Picture bingo
  • Hoops
  • Noughts and crosses from wooden blocks
  • playing with balloons
  • Jigsaw puzzles

Daily Routines

  • Sorting/ folding clothes
  • Setting the dining room table
  • gardening
  • feeding the animals


  • Manicures/ Pedicures/ painting fingernails
  • Massages
  • A day at the hairdresser

woman head massage

Finally, there are so many activities available for people who’re in residential aged care. Sometimes it can be as simple as sitting with someone and holding their hand, or going for a walk with them. Additionally, you could read a book to them. Most importantly, ask your loved ones what they’d like to do, and discuss it with the staff at the facility.

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