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Accessing Short-Term Restorative Care

The short-term restorative care programme aims to maximise independence and improve overall wellbeing.

What’s short-term restorative care?

Accessing short-term restorative care (STRC) for older Australians involves interventions by a team of three health professionals. The goal is to enable a person to make improvements after experiencing difficulties. Furthermore, the programme’s also utilised to prevent injuries or slow functional decline.

What’s more, the programme aims to prevent premature entry into higher level services, including residential aged care and home care packages.

How to access the short-term restorative care programme?

The short-term restorative care programme is available to people under 65 years who meet the eligibility criteria. However, in this case, the focus is on short-term restorative care for older Australians.

To access the STRC programme, initially an assessment from the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) needs to occur. You can enquire about an assessment with My Aged Care.

Accessing the programme must occur within six months of gaining approval, and up to two times in a twelve-month period.

If you require further information, Aged Care Prepare can support you and assist you to understand all aspects of accessing short term restorative care.

Availability of the short-term restorative care programme

When the time comes to access aged care services, you could be in a position whereby you’ve no time to wait to receive services.

For example, you might be on the waitlist for a home care package, but find that your mobility’s increasingly worsened. You can’t wait for support for much longer. In this instance, the short-term restorative care programme would be a good option of care if you’ve got approval for the programme within the last six months.

Unfortunately, there’s limited places available under this programme.

According to details provided by the Department of Health, the government announced in the 2018-2019 federal budget package that there will be 775 Short-Term Restorative Care places in the 2018-19 Aged Care Approvals Round. This is Australia wide.

Finding a provider for the STRC programme might be easy, however they might not have any availability left in your area. When this is the case, you’ll typically go onto a waiting list to receive services under this programme.

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If you can’t wait for care and support any longer

If you’ve been on the waiting list for restorative care, and you’re in the national queue for a home care package, there could be other options to receive care and support more immediately. You could be eligible for the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP).

To access the CHSP, you’ll need to have had an assessment from the Regional Assessment Service (RAS). Contact My Aged Care to arrange this assessment.

If you’ve already had an assessment, and require services through the CHSP, contact your assessor (details should be on your approval letter) to request a referral code for the services that you’re in pressing need of receiving. Often you can access this programme in the interim, until another programme or package becomes available that better meets your care needs and goals.

What if your approval for the STRC programme lapses?

Unfortunately, accessing short-term restorative care needs to be within six months of gaining approval, you’ll need to contact My Aged Care to arrange a new assessment with an assessor from ACAT.

Where’s short-term restorative care delivered?

Short-term restorative care for older Australians is accessible at your home, in the community, at an aged care home, or at a combination of these locations.

What’s short-term restorative care service can you receive?

If you need to access the STRC programme, you’ll receive support and care, guided by your G.P. for a range of services. These services can include but aren’t limited to the following:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Nursing care
  • Continence management
  • Dietetics
  • Personal care.

Accessing short-term restorative care for older Australians, means you’ll enter into a flexible agreement with a provider. At this stage, you’ll identify your care needs and goals,  and you’ll develop a care plan with your provider.

Contact My Aged Care for more information regarding the services that you can receive through the STRC programme.

Accessing short-term restorative care while receiving another aged care service

Short-term restorative care for older Australians isn’t intended for those receiving a home care package, or permanently residing in an aged care facility.

For further information regarding accessing short-term restorative care while receiving another aged care service,  contact My Aged Care.

You’re receiving short-term restorative care and the 8 week programme’s coming to an end

As your STRC programme comes to an end, your service provider will work with you to arrange an exit strategy. If you require ongoing care and services beyond the STRC programme, your service provider will let you know what services are available and they must help you to access these services.

My Aged Care’s contact number is 1800 200 422. Contact them to discuss ongoing care needs, and ascertain what care options are available to you.

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