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A Cashless Society to Slow Down Spread of Coronavirus

A Cashless Society on the Horizon

Are you and your ageing parents prepared for a cashless society? It’s coming sooner than most expected. Media are reporting that health authorities warned that Coronavirus spreads via banknotes and coins.

Many older people prefer to avoid online payments for safety reasons. It’s completely understandable with the number of scammers and fraud that’s committed. The frauds often target older Australians. Many people manage their money by going to the bank each week, withdrawing their money, and physically paying their bills. But what happens when the whole world is going cashless?

Although many seniors are tech-savvy, many still prefer cash payments. Unfortunately, this is going to have to change. In light of the events surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic, many retailers are no longer accepting cash. Read the full article on how “Cashless payments ‘help stop spread’ of coronavirus.”

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