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Outbreaks of COVID-19 in 2000 UK Care Homes

COVID-19 in 2000 UK Care Homes

The British Government recently declared that 2000 care facilities have had outbreaks of COVID-19. But the UK figures released are based on deaths from COVID-19 that occurred in hospitals. It doesn’t include UK deaths that occur in care homes and the broader community.

In reaction to the backlash from this unsettling information, the UK Health Minister Matt Hancock responded. He said that they’ll introduce testing of all symptomatic staff and residents in care homes. He said “Testing is key in our battle against coronavirus, and as part of our plan to prevent the spread and save lives we will ensure that everyone in social care who needs a test can have a test.”

An estimated 40% of pandemic related deaths in the UK are from care homes. For more information you can now read the full article here: Coronavirus has infected 2,000 UK care homes but their deaths aren’t included in the daily tally.

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